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About the Owner - About

From about the age of 10, I worked with my father Frank and with his employees at his store, The Rose Garden Center. It is still operated today by my sister Ginger and brother-in-law Mike. My father’s employees were all seasoned veterans when it came to either plants or animal husbandry; they all brought something different to the table that I could learn from.

Although I studied horticulture in college, my true love for plants came when I started doing landscaping along with operating a garden center. These experiences along with college are instrumental in helping me operate a successful business today. I also had help. After my dad died, my sister Luci came to work with me. Although retired now, Luci and I enjoyed many years together. I am forever grateful for what she offered our business and for the many things learned from her.

My wife Lynne has grown to love this business. You will find her behind the counter pricing merchandise, making signs, and helping with various questions. Our children Emily and Laci also help out. Emily enjoys helping customers with their aquatic needs and Laci greets our customers at the counter with a kind word and helps them get checked out. Together we work as a team, and with the rest of our staff, we bring the best possible service and products to our customers that allow them to enjoy the most fruit from their labor. Our slogan being “Frankly, plants, pets and service”, is not bragging; it’s just a fact.

With deepest respect and appreciation to all those who helped me along the way,

- Tony