Garden Supply

In addition to our plants for sale, we also provide a wide variety of garden supplies including mulches, soil, pesticides, and much more.

Hay Bales

Hay Bales - Garden Supply

It's that time of year! Hay rides! Bon Fires! Harvest Displays!

We've got it all covered with our Hay Bales!

Also a smaller amount in a Bag!


Sand - Garden Supply

Bobcat Scoop or Bags of Sand


Soil - Garden Supply

Garden Soil (Bags or Bobcat Scoop)

Potting Soil (Baccto)

Black Kow (Manure)

Peat Moss



Fountain - Garden Supply

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Poles - Garden Supply

Tomato Poles

Tomato Poles - Garden Supply

Discounted price on 12 and 25.

River Rock & Flagstone

River Rock & Flagstone - Garden Supply

RIVER ROCK & FLAGSTONE ~ Sold by the pound. Choose rocks, load your wagon, bring them to the warehouse door. We'll weigh them and load them in your vehicle.

SOD (Grass) & Grass Seed

SOD (Grass) & Grass Seed - Garden Supply

SOD (Grass) ~ St. Augustine or Centipede ~ 16 X 22 inch pieces. Total square footage divided by three = number of pieces you need. Consistently on-hand.

We also carry Centipede Seeds, Bermuda Seeds and Winter Rye Grass Seeds.

St. Augustine is not available in seed form.


ClayPots - Garden Supply

We also have plastic teracotta colored pots and saucers

Round Pine Needle Bales

Round Pine Needle Bales - Garden Supply


Misty green flag stone

Misty green flag stone - Garden Supply

Rose Garden & Pet Store carries different sizes of Misty Green Flag Stone to make waterfalls for ponds and Pond Streams. We also sell different colors of Flag Stone to make exotic walk ways and patios.